MobiCom original


Tell us what is your product and who is your target audience and we deliver the message.

One of our roles in the communication field is tailor ideas, concepts, brands, projects, products and services. Developing them strategically, differentiating, advertising and promoting them successfully.

An activity based on innovation, validation and on the creation of a unique culture that penetrates and settles, appealing to emotions and having an effect on the reason.

It is a multimedia, multiplatform and multitask challenge.

The watchwords are: listen, engage and share.

It is a concept and a way of being on the market, where consumers are involved and give their input, adding value to what each brand has to offer.

Because a brand is no longer what it says it is, but what consumers feel and tell that the brand is!


This "architecture" of brands, products and services is based on a conceptual, tactic and operational multidisciplinary strategy, which includes:

  • Communication and marketing strategic consultancy
  • Brand management
  • Contents production
  • Radio, multimedia and television shows
  • Research
  • Elaboration of background documents
  • Image and protocol
  • Marketing plans
  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Events
  • Advertising
  • Promotions and promotional materials
  • Websites development
  • Social media and online presence management