Why Invest in Portugal?

Portugal is currently a country of opportunities and growing, evidenced by several indicators:

  • Biggest increase ever of Portuguese exports;
  • Conquest of new market shares, all over the world, that attest the competitiveness and the quality of Portuguese products and services;
  • Growth of industrial production, with performances at the highest levels in Europe;
  • Pioneering and leadership in numerous business sectors: footwear, textile, cork, optical fiber, renewable energies, software industry, interactive technologies, wine, mobile phones, ATM, tourism, packaging, cement, international construction industry, paper industry, oil, fuel and gas industry, sea industry, etc.;
  • Great location as the West Coast of Europe, the European country closest to Central Americas (transatlantic bridge), a central point to major international routes with strategic access to markets, the Atlantic gateway to the EU market and a privileged platform for relations with Portuguese Speaking Countries Community;
  • Favorable environment for business;
  • Generous fiscal incentives, resulting in a significant reduction of the tax burden;
  • Competitive operating costs;Parque das Nacoes
  • Proactive reforms in several sectors of society;
  • Extensive public services with affordable and reliable systems;
  • One of the most advanced communication systems (four international airports, five sea ports receiving international traffic, rail network with capacity to national and international cargo and one of the most developed, extensive and qualified highways network of Europe);
  • Investment in education and science;
  • Language proficiency and cultural openness;
  • Flexible, dedicated and competent human resources with competitive wages;
  • In real estate, first class offices and industrial areas at good prices;
  • Good country to invest and a desirable place to live;
  • Economic recovery and growth of internal consumption;
  • Named one of the best quality of life countries in the world.