Why Invest in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg has several attractiveness factors, namely:

  • It sits in the heart of Western Europe, in close proximity to a number of large cities;
  • It has one of the highest standards of living and quality of life rate in the world;
  • Structurally, the Luxembourg economy is dominated by the services sector, with an efficient and diversified production apparatus;
  • It has a particularly open economy;
  • The main business sectors are specialist scientific and technical activities, accommodation, catering, trade and construction;
  • Benefits from social and political stability;
  • Almost half of Luxembourg residents are of foreign origin and the most highly represented foreign community is Portuguese;
  • The tax system is particularly advantageous and the income tax rates are among the lowest in Europe;
  • It is easy to contact the authorities and procedures are straightforward, particularly when it comes to obtaining administrative documents;
  • The country has excellent road and rail infrastructure;
  • It has a high concentration of quality medical infrastructure;
  • It is classified as one of the safest countries in the world, with a particularly low crime rate;
  • Is home to a wide variety of landscapes, tourist attractions and sports activities, with a positive influence on tourism, culture and leisure.