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MobiComuS, as a business and property hunter, is the best adviser for companies in Portugal.

MobiComuS gives companies support in sales, in the Portuguese real estate market, and provides support and tourism services, to streamline and increase the return on investment made ​​by the property owners.

We find the best deals, take care of everything, welcome you and your clients in Portugal from the airport and handle all the documentation, including the Golden Residence Permit.


Lisbon, Portugal

The region of Lisbon have several factors of attractiveness:

  • It is a bathing area with a Mediterranean climate throughout the year;
  • It has 65 km of coastline, with great beaches and great food;
  • It is the capital of Portugal, the largest economic center and the main political and cultural center, heritage and tourism in the country, with an international airport within the city;
  • Combines perfectly the cosmopolitanism of an European capital with the tranquility of the countryside and the mountains and the beauty of the historic heritage and natural landscapes;
  • It has one of the lowest costs of living in Europe;
  • It is a safe area, very friendly and welcoming;
  • Provides a good quality of life;
  • It has good accessibilities in all the surroundings.

Real Estate Capital Gains

Buying now, investors earn, on average, immediate gains of 45% on the market value and non-EU citizens obtain an European Residence Visa.

This is the perfect time to invest in real estate in Portugal and to non-EU citizens obtain an European permanent residence permit.

It can be by the acquisition of one or more properties. The important is the total amount invested by each non-EU owner, which has to be equal to or higher than 500 thousand Euros.

Currently, there are huge opportunities to invest at very low prices in new and used houses and apartments.

The market is in decline, with a sharp devaluation of properties due to the credit crunch, and there is a consequent underestimation of the houses by banks to obstruct the granting of loans.


The potential market for earning capital gains with the transaction and rental of properties and for the additional acquisition of European residence permits is vast.

It is particularly directed for:

  • Real estate investors;
  • People looking for a second home or vacation home;
  • Pensioners who want a late life more pleasant and quiet;
  • Fans of leisure tourism;
  • Business people;
  • Non-EU citizens wishing to obtain European citizenship and freedom of movement in the countries inside the Schengen area.


The target audience is primarily:

  • Upper and middle classes;
  • Couples with and without children;
  • Groups of friends over 35/40 years;
  • Pensioners;
  • Non-EU citizens;
  • All those looking for:
    • Sun and sea;
    • Golf;
    • Health and well-being;
    • Food and wine;
    • Nautical tourism;
    • Nature tourism;
    • Business tourism;
    • Cultural and heritage tourism;
    • Residential tourism;
    • Quality tourism.


Golden Residence Permit


The holders of Golden Residence Permits gain automatically an European Residence Visa.

They have the right to family regrouping, and may gain access to an EU permanent residence permit, as well as to Portuguese citizenship in accordance to the current legal provisions.

European Visa


Fill, at least, one of the following requirements in Portuguese territory for a minimum period of five years:

  • The acquisition of real estate with a value of 500 thousand Euros or more;
  • Transfer of capital worth 1 million Euros or more (including investments in company stocks or shares);
  • The creation of at least 10 jobs.

Property may:

  • Be acquired under a co-ownership scheme, provided that each co-owner invests 500 thousand Euros or more, or through a promissory sale-purchase agreement indicating an amount of 500 thousand Euros or more; the respective transfer deed should be submitted before requesting the renewal of the residency permit for investors;
  • Be encumbered starting from a threshold in excess of 500 thousand Euros;
  • Be leased and exploited for commercial, agricultural or tourism purposes.

It can be one or more properties. The important is the total amount invested by each owner, which has to be equal to or higher than 500 thousand Euros.

Investors interested in this value proposition have in MobiComuS (adviser, communication consultant and provider of support services to companies), the ideal partner to all the management and promotion of the business, including the handling of documentation related to the Golden Residence Permit in Portugal.